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Soundmann Opposes Industrial Wind Turbines in Ontario

You probably know me for my recordings of live music and also nature and ambient sounds (see above).

Recently I have been recording Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT).  It is not because I like the sound.  On the contrary I am recording to show just how noisy and intrusive the sound really is.  They are enormous industrial machines that have been forced on rural communities by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE).  Below is my (ongoing) documentation of noise polution, noise and vibration (aka "infra sound"), medical evidence for harm to humans, and scientific links related to Wind Turbines.

    Richard Mann. Waterloo ON (

NEWS (18 March 2014): Australian Medical Association (AMA) released this statement, stating that Wind Turbines do not harm humans. To see responses of doctors and citizens from all over the world here.

Change.Org petition to Australian Medical Association (AMA).  Please read the comments of the people who have signed.

NEWS (20 March 2014): I attended this public talk at Public Health Ontario.
"Don't tell me about the science! Wind turbines and human health: An emotional topic.".  Dr. Loren Knopper. 
Slides and audience questions may be found on my Personal web page here.

Recordings of Industrial Wind Turbine NOISE

This will open up a sound player in your browser.  You will not hear "infrasound"-- have to visit in person for that. But on good headphones/speakers, you can still hear a lot of low end/ bass/ rumble.  The bottom line is the noise is much louder and more intrusive than Wind makes it out to be.

These are 1.65MW Vestas wind turbines, located at Mohawk Point, Haldimand County, Lake Erie.

Pictures (from Wolfe Island)

Turbines are large, and very close to residences.  One expects Noise problems at these distances...

Wolfe Island

Everyone lives in a giant grid of turbines, minimum distance 550m from (participating) houses

wolfe island


Medical Evidence (harm to human health)

There is now medical evidence for Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS), a broad range of complaints, including ear problems (pressure in the ears, tinitus), vertigo (motion sickness), and sleep disturbance.

Academic References/Papers/Presentations on Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS)

Turbine Opposition Groups